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Mini Sheet

Per month


1 User

3.000 SKU's

1 Channel

*No card details required

ETA Q1 2022

Mega Sheet

Per month


10 Users

100.000 SKU's

10 Channels

Omni Sheet
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Bespoke version for advanced cases or white label for selective partners

Frequently asked questions, answered.

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General questions

Can I change the currency in which you charge?

No, we always charge US dollars

Do you offer a free trial version?

Yes, we offer a 14-day free trial of Sheetly with no limitations and no payment method required.
But you can only sync a maximum of 300 products back through any connector

When do I have to purchase Sheetly?

You can add your payment details when your free trial ends.

Do you charge VAT for European customers?

VAT won't be billed to EU customers if they provide a valid VAT identification number.

How do I unsubscribe?

If you wish to unsubscribe you can go to Subscription from the drop-down menu of your Sheetly account options or launch the tool Subscription Manager and at the bottom you will find the option Cancel Subscription .

Can I sign up for a waiting list and be notified when Sheetly is ready?

Absolutely. Requesting a demo will automatically add you to the waiting list.

What happens if I go above my SKU allowance?

We allow you to break your allowance for the current billing month. If you don't upgrade your plan in the next billing month, Sheetly will freeze your extra products and they will become read-only and not exportable data until you upgrade.