Out of the box

The user-friendly experience Sheetly will offer with the help of the spreadsheet together with the tools and widgets we’ve built make it extremely easy to get started with a system like Sheetly. 

The Holy Sheet
of Features

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Every time a piece of data changes it is in real-time validated against a battery of tests for that particular kind of data (aka an attribute)

These tests are reflected back to you as either critical (red) or warning (yellow) and you can always investigate why a piece of data is invalid by requesting to view the test results.

Tests can be configured by you, including how many tests to run and what level of seriousness to apply in case of faliour.


Sometime an image conveys a lot more

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Channels & Inheritance

Libraries are special kind of galleries that like a list of spreadsheets in Google lets you navigate to and access one specific sheet or tool in a pool of available options.

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Attribute Sheet - test widget.png

Attribute management

At the heart of the spreadsheet model lays a matrix of metadata building blocks called attributes.

Each column in the spreadsheet is an attribute that controls what validation tests are applied against data in a cell in that column.

You have to ability to adjust many elements of the attribute, as well as create new attributes if you need to.

Variant tool

Nothing can be more tedious than creating one variant after another and still maintain focus and quality.


You will be able to access a powerful variant tool that will help you create endless variant by answering a few questions and even saving these answers as templates for further productivity acceleration.  

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You can execute actions against a selection of rows in a sheet with just a few clicks.

Actions are predefined activities that you want to have happen, such as adding a number of products to one or several categories or synchronising the rows to your cart system.

The pool of actions will be extended over time, so feel free to voice your requirements and influence the roadmap.