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Here’s how we empower your business

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Everything in one simple spreadsheet

We put all the focus on you, the small webshop owner, providing you with a user friendly platform that will solve any challenge you face when it comes to product management. 

Import up to 2000 products

If you have your products laying around in a supplier spreadsheet somewhere, you can easily import them to Sheetly. In the process of uploading your files, Sheetly will review the data and match to the right columns with your help. You can import your data from different formats like CSV, XLS, JSON. 

Tools - CSV Import - Step 2.png
Tools - CSV Import - Step 2.png

Export all data in seconds

After your work in Sheetly is done, you can export all data to a file on your personal computer. This way you can have a file to easily distribute to other sources. You can export your product data in CSV, XLS, JSON. 

Don’t leave a product without a category or assigned relationships

See all products without an assigned category or relationship. Filter out everything that needs to be put into a specific category and quickly add one. Spot the products without an assigned relationship and work on them separately in a user-friendly spreadsheet environment. 

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Edit in seconds

Working in a spreadsheet means that most of your actions will be done in bulk. This includes editing multiple products at once, deleting them at once, publishing them at once, assigning categories in bulk and assigning cross-sell, up-sell and related to multiple products at once. 

Forgot to save? Don’t worry. 

Worked for hours and hours and forgot to save? Those are the problems of the past. Everything you do within Sheetly is automatically saved. No more headaches, your data is safe with us.

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Keep a consistent brand look

In the product gallery, you will be able to see all images in a grid. This way, you can easily manage everything your customers see. You will be able to crop out unnecessary elements, resize pictures so they fit into the same size and easily spot all low quality product images.

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Don’t miss any costly mistakes

Through every product management step, your data will be validated in Sheetly. You will have pre-set validations that comply with eCommerce platforms but you will also have the ability to create your own validation rules. With the help of validation, everything you do that has mistakes in it will be marked red or yellow. Red is for critical and yellow is for a warning. 


This will provide an easy distribution of your data to your eCommerce platform and your potential buyer will go through a better experience on your website without much effort on your part.

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Zero code required

You don’t need any technical knowledge to work with Sheelty. Our tools and wizards will allow you to easily create and remove sets, filter your data and create your own filters, create a series of product rows based on user input and more. 


According to us, a product is one whole separate universe. And within Sheetly, with the help of our tools, you will be able to shuffle one product universe any way you want so you can micro follow your data, map it and investigate it in all dimensions.

See your collections through different sheets

Work with your collections in the spreadsheet they deserve. You will be able to manage Assets and Products in different sheets so you can easily focus on each component of your product data. 

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Go pro and add extra data fields 

Find something missing? Create your own attributes if you think your products need them. 

Do you want to achieve all of this and more with a single tool?