The original spreadsheet solution

Our journey

In 2017 we sat out to build a completely different take on how web merchants should work with their product data.

We knew that everyone was familiar with the classic spreadsheet but equally frustrated with the lack of control and sophistication that is necessary to really get to grabs with creating product data that can make a difference.

Ever since then we have had the attention from web merchants and industry players around the world, all asking when are you ready?

We have never been closer to the holy sheet (so to speak) and we are about to fundamentally change the way that people will work with multi-dimensional data.


The Founders

In a real-life version of a balanced yin and yang then the two founders of Sheetly brings very distinct strengths and abilities to the table. One is a strategic product visionary with technical flair and the other is a true people whisper and communicator - together they form the core of a great team of engineers and market-facing resources.


Jan B. Andersen

CEO & co-founder

  • Jan Andersen

Ivelina Nikolova

CPO & co-founder

  • Ivelina Nikolova
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